Here at Dentalville Bell, we understand that coming to the sedation dentist Bell CA can cause a lot of anxiety for some individuals, and that is why we provide sedation dentistry to our patients. Individuals avoid going to the dentist for years due to past traumas that leave them fearful. You no longer need to ignore your dental health. As a sedation dentist, we provide different options now that allow you a relaxing and positive experience as we protect and restore your vital dental health.

Sedation technology now provides a variety of safe dental sedation applications for our treatment. There are different dental sedations that can be used for treatment.

Sedation dentistry treatment options:

Nitrous Oxide: This is a gas that has been used for years to promote a light sedation effect for the patient. The Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, promotes a relaxed feeling. The patient is conscious and aware, but will feel peaceful and calm the dental sedation procedure.

Oral Sedation: This is a sedation administered orally through a pill. This form of sedation dentistry is a moderate sedation in which the dental patient will remain awake, but will probably not remember the procedure.

IV Sedation: This is a dental sedation in which the medication is delivered intravenously. It has a moderate sedation that has a similar effect as the oral sedative. The patient is technically awake, but will not remember the procedure.

Don’t put off dental treatment and maintenance any longer. Our dentists have been specially trained to conduct sleep dentistry. Book an appointment now to discuss the dental sedation options for you.