Here in Bell, Dentalville provides patients with a variety of customized mouth guards for each individual need. A Mouth guard is a mouthpiece that covers the teeth fully in order to prevent injury during sporting activities and teeth grinding as well as preserving the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Many sporting groups require a mouth guard. Not only does it protect the teeth, but it essentially prevents structural damage to the jaw and soft tissue in the mouth, neck injury, and head injuries. Mouth guards can be purchased at sporting good stores, but often times are ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Our dentist Bell CA provides mouth guards individualized for the highest level of comfort and protection. The mouth guard is made of a thin plastic hardened to protect the teeth that make it easy to breathe and communicate. Having a proper fit mouth guard will help keep the focus on the game and not on your mouth.

Teeth grinding during sleep is a common problem that leads to jaw pain, headaches, tooth trauma, and a receding gums. A custom formed mouth guard is a soft piece of plastic that is molded to the exact form of your teeth. The custom mouth guard is placed over the teeth at night time that will take the stress off of the jaw, preventing further dental damage and will train the jaw muscle not to clench. The material is soft and light so you can sleep comfortably and sound.

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