DentalVille Bell is a specialist of dental bridges Bell CA. A dental bridge is a tooth piece that has been constructed to fill the space of one or more teeth. A crown is placed on each end of the fabricated teeth, called pontics, and placed on the two natural teeth at each end of the dental bridge in order to secure the bridge in place. In essence, this creates a bridge of artificial teeth to fill the area between your natural teeth. A dental bridge procedure is a good option for someone has one or more missing teeth, but still retains many of the natural teeth. The dental bridge fills the gap of missing teeth to create a more esthetic appearance that also helps you chew better, keep the current teeth from moving out of place, keep the balance of the bite strength properly distributed, may improve your speech, and will help keep the facial shape.

The dental bridge procedure usually takes 2 or more visits to the dentist to complete. Impressions are taken on the first visit so that the dental bridge can be custom created for proper fitting. Once the dental bridge has been placed and fitted to your comfort, the dentist will cement the dental bridge in place.

Dental bridge cost varies depending on the type materials used and the amount of material used for your custom size dental bridge. A consultation will be completed with the dentist prior to the dental bridge procedure to discuss your options that will best fit your preferences.