Dentalville Bell has an emergency dentist Bell CA for dental patients who are in pain and need immediate dental care. With any dental emergency, it can be a scary experience when you need immediate attention and you can’t find an emergency dentist Bell CA who can take you right away. We are a 24 hour dental practice that is here for you when you need us the most.

Here is the most common dental emergencies that happen and how to handle each situation.

Knocked out tooh:

If you have had a tooth completely knocked out, it is important to see a dentist right away. Your chances of keeping a tooth and putting it back into the socket is the best within the first hour. Wash the tooth gently in warm water and do not touch the root. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket. Otherwise place the tooth in a clean cup of water to keep it from drying out. In any case, do see us to check for any infection or bacteria. An untreated infection can lead to serious problems.

Broken or fractured tooth: Teeth can be broken or fractured from biting too hard, or other physical trauma. Save the chipped piece if you are able to and wash the area inside the mouth that has been affected. If there is bleeding, apply a cotton ball or gauze to the damaged area until bleeding stops. A cold compress can be placed on the outside of the fact to prevent swelling. If you have fractured or cracked a tooth, see us as soon as possible so we can access any damage right away.

Loss of a filling or crown:

Losing a filling or a crown can be painful when the unprotected nerve is exposed to chewing, food, and other elements that the exposed nerve is not protected from. Bring the crown with you to our office, as the dental crown may be reinserted.


A toothache can be a be extremely painful and if this is the case, you probably want to be treated right away.

Bottom line, call us if you are in pain. We are a 24 hour dental emergency dentist that can care for you when you need it most. We are equipped and ready to handle any dental emergency you may have.

If you experience a dental emergency and want a reliable dentist you can count on, give us a call. We will be ready for all your emergencies, no matter how small.