Dentalville offers partial dentures and complete dentures to our patients here in Bell. Dentures, also referred to as false teeth, are an artificial replica of your teeth constructed to replace missing teeth along with the bordering gum tissue. The primary reason for teeth loss or the removal of teeth is due to periodontal disease that infects the tissue that holds the tooth in place. Other reasons that teeth may be lost or removed are due to developmental defects, malnutrition, trauma, or drug use. Dentures are designed to strongly resemble natural teeth and to improve the structure of your face and smile.

Partial dentures and complete dentures are the two types of dentures. A partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth in a given area. A partial denture can also be one or more separate dentures that replace partial areas where teeth are missing or have been removed. Complete dentures are used when all teeth of the upper and/or lower have been removed requiring a full replacement of the teeth. The dentist will consult with you to help you determine which denture type and procedure will fit your specifications. Dentures are highly durable and will last for years, but they may need repaired or modified as the structure of your mouth changes.

Here are some reasons you may need dentures:

  • Improve facial support and smile
  • Improve speech, chewing, and digestion
  • Loss of all teeth that requres a teeth replacement with a complete denture
  • The loss of a number of teeth that require teeth replacement with a particular denture

The complete denture process entails several visits to the dental office over several weeks. Your dentures are customized to the precise measurements and impression of your mouth taken at our dental office. You will have a number of appointments where you will continue try the dentures until the modifications for a natural fit, shape, comfort, and the proper color is obtained.

Our dentist Bell CA will provide you with the proper care and maintenance instructions of your new dentures. Appropriate care and cleaning will help lengthen the life of your dentures. Regular dental visits are just as important with dentures as with natural teeth. Schedule an appointment today to discuss the benefits of dentures or other teeth replacement options.