Dentalville recommends composite fillings so you can have one of the most beautiful smiles in Bell! Composite fillings (also referred to as white fillings or tooth colored fillings) are a mixture of tooth-colored plastic and ceramic resin that is used to fill a tooth that has been affected by decay, cracked, or fractured. The composite is also used in cosmetic dentistry to restore disfigured teeth.

The tooth colored fillings matches your other teeth that result in a beautiful cosmetic appearance of the natural teeth. Using white fillings allows the repaired tooth (or teeth) to be nearly undetected, leaving you less self-conscious and your smile more appealing to the eye. The composite filling technique has become a preferred tooth filling practice for most dentists Bell CA. This tooth filling is not permanent and can be easily replaced, but has become highly durable in the recent years and you can expect the filling to last for many years.

Reasons you might need a composite filling:

  • Chipped Tooth
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Closing the gap between teeth
  • Worn out teeth
  • Tooth decay

It is normal to experience some increased sensitivity to cold and hot after receiving a white tooth filling. However, the sensitivity will diminish as you become accustomed to your new filling. Our dentist Bell CA will provide you with the instructions to properly care for your new fillings.

Our dental practice promotes proper hygiene and regular dental visits as an important part of maintaining your new white fillings and your overall dental health.