Some dentists in Bell do not use amalgam fillings, but Dentalville Bell offers different tooth filling options to patients when necessary. Amalgam fillings are made of a silver composite used to fill and repair a tooth that has been affected by decay, a fracture, or other tooth damage.

Thanks to technology today, dentists Bell CA and patients have more teeth filling options to choose from when a tooth that has decay or needs dental restoration. Each option has its’ advantages and disadvantages, but it is best to discuss which choice is ideal for your tooth restoration with our dental team.

Many dentists still use the combination of amalgam teeth fillings and composite teeth fillings, (also known as tooth colored fillings) depending on the goal of the tooth restoration. Composite filling is typically used in the front teeth in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance, whereas an amalgam filling is more likely to be used in the back teeth due to the stronger and more durable quality that may be needed to withstand chewing in the back of the mouth. As with most dental restoration, silver amalgams will need to be replaced at some point, but they will last for many years. Amalgam fillings also are more affordable, but it is best to discuss the best option for optimal results with our dental experts. We will work with you to accommodate which ever tooth filling option fits your need.

Possible reasons you may need amalgam fillings:

  • Decayed teeth
  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Washed-out teeth

Schedule an appointment today to discuss our tooth filling options.