Root canal therapy is a procedure used by DentalVille that allows us to treat and restore a badly infected tooth for our patients of Bell. A root canal treatment may be necessary if a tooth has become deeply infected. If left untreated, the infection can spread to other tissue, causing swelling in the face and bone loss. The infection starts in the pulp of the tooth when the tooth becomes compromised from deep decay, cracking or chipping of the tooth, face trauma, or multiple procedures performed on one tooth. The pain can become severe in some cases.

Once an X ray is performed and the extent of the damage has been determined, the dentist will drill into the tooth, removing the pulp and nerve to prevent the infection from spreading. The tooth is then sealed with a rubber compound. It is common for the tooth to need further restoration and a crown may be placed over the tooth for additional protection. The tooth may have some enduring sensitivity after the root canal treatment, but should subside over time.

Call us right away if you experience tooth pain, have sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or chewing, have discoloration to the tooth, or if you have swelling or pain going into the face. We need to determine if a root canal is proper for your condition. The sooner a tooth is treated, the more likely we will be able to perform a root canal procedure to preserve the tooth. Schedule an appointment today to discuss root canal treatment.