Dentalville Bell has a certified Lumineer dentist Bell CA and we have literally changed lives of our patients that received Lumineers. Lumineers are the dental veneer that transcends your smile and gives your teeth the natural look of perfection. The Lumineer veneer is and ultra thin patented porcelain that is formed to be placed over the tooth. This procedure is often time desired by patients to produce uniform and straight teeth, correct chipped or deformed teeth, and used as a stain proof whitening method. Traditional veneers may require some drilling, more preparation to the teeth, and may risk nerve exposure or tooth damage. The Lumineers procedure is noninvasive and does not damage the tooth. There are no needles, drilling, or pain. The Lumineers can be easily reversed without damage to your teeth or the need for restorative construction.

The process of getting Lumineers is simple. The gums, bones, and teeth should be in healthy condition prior to this process. It requires two visits. During the first visit our general dentist Bell CA will take an impression of your teeth and take photos that will be sent out to an authorized Lumineers laboratory where you Lumineers will be specially made for you. During the second visit, the dentist will place the Lumineers on your teeth and they will be tried on for fit, correct bite, and function before being cemented to the teeth.

Lumineers may just be the thing you are looking for to elevate your self confidence and produce a beautiful smile beyond your imagination. Call our office to set your consultation today to learn more about the stunning benefits of Lumineers.