Dentalville offers beautiful porcelain dental crowns Bell CA to our patients. A dental crown is a “tooth shaped” cap that is precisely placed over a tooth to restore the shape, size, strength, or to improve the appearance. A dental crown procedure can be performed for a variety of reasons but typically is applied to a tooth that can no longer be restored with the application of a filling or other options due to extensive deterioration.

Though our dental office Bell CA recommends the porcelain crown for the aesthetic pleasing result ( also preferred by most dental patients), an array of tooth crown options are available for your preference to fit your ultimate goal and financial need. Teeth crown options include porcelain crowns, stainless steel crowns, porcelain fused to mental crowns, all resin crowns, or ceramic crowns. We will review your dental crown options in detail to assure the best teeth crowning choice for your desired “all around” outcome. Dental crown costs vary depending on the selected material that is used for the tooth cap.

Reasons a dental crown application is an appropriate option:

  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Teeth that are severely decayed
  • Tooth that has undergone a root canal
  • The filling required may be too large for the damaged tooth
  • A fractured filling or broken tooth
  • Decayed baby teeth on children

What is the dental crown procedure?

Applying dental crowns is usually a two appointment process with the dentist. Once our dentist Bell CA has determined that the dental crown is a viable option for your dental treatment, a mold impression of the affected tooth or area of teeth is taken so that the tooth crown of choice can be constructed to fit your mouth and tooth area perfectly.

The damaged or decayed tooth will be cleaned and prepared for a temporary tooth crown. A second mold is taken prior for the temporary tooth crown which will be constructed and placed the same day and worn for a few weeks while the permanent dental crown is being manufactured for your fitting. The last appointment will consist of fitting the permanent dental crown.